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victims of court abuse and fraud
Ashley Mae O'Brien
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Lori Saxon
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Janice Grenadier


632 Road trip to FBI headquarters Baltimore County Maryland Lord Baltimore Dr., August 20th 2014 at the request of a FBI duty agent who would not identify himself or give his badge number. Only to meet with another FBI agent who also would not identify himself even while in the building, even after repeated requests, and after he humiliated the victim as if she was some sort of pervert for wanting to get justice and for reporting criminal acts to his office. Finally refusing to give his name, let victim see his ID, or identify his agent number. Myself and victim were escorted off the property. By someone who could've been a maintenance worker pretending to be an FBI agent.
631 August 15, 2014. Road trip to United States Capital to file an official request with the Honorable Karen L. Haas Clerk of the US House of Representatives U.S. Capitol, Room H-154, where I was submitting an official written request for attested copy under seal of the oath of office of the clerk. Only to be told that the office was closed down at 4:30 PM and that contrary to previous visits staff personnel could only meet with me outside of the building. the false allegations and program 630 seem to be having an adverse effect on citizens rights and liberties as a citizen and reporter on Capitol Hill. Also visit to Congressman Elijah Cummings office. speaking with staff regarding the events of July 31 award to him.
Lori Saxon and George McDermott discuss events of July 31, 2014 at the United States Capitol building Washington DC. Where the alleged head of the Senate media Center makes false statement that. Reporter George McDermott made a threat against him necessitating a capital wide alert and 15 officers responding to the media Center. Based on false claims of office staff. Since when is it a crime to say have a blessed day and God bless you in United States capital. A formal complaint has been filed with the Inspector General of the US Capitol police and other agencies to get the videotape audiotaped and names of all the unknown officers and capital staff who do not have business cards and would not identify themselves.
629 August 1, 2014 Maryland Court Watch NEWS Continuing a fight for justice and a fight for free and honest press in the United States. Which appears to be censored by Senate of the United States by implementing rules which are in violation of the First Amendment freedom of the press and freedom of violation of the enacting clause of the United States code and Constitution. Title 5 section 2 1-101-1-106B. Letter Pic Pic

628B Janice Wolk Grenadier once again disenfranchised of her rights and liberties by judge Clark of the Alexandria Virginia Circuit Court refusing defendant's right to transcribe open court proceedings to make a record for appeal. And by imposing $50,000 worth of draconian fraudulently obtained judgments in favor of corrupted attorneys. The good old boys network at work in our courts.
628 Cassandra Fry fights for the rights of her son in Montgomery county Maryland's Circuit Court which is trying to illegally force her to have psychiatric evaluations by court insiders. Even though the court has in its records proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Washington state psychologist. Dean her to be a fit mother in a caring parent and totally of sound mind

627B Janice Wolk Grenadier once again disenfranchised of her rights and liberties by judge Clark of the Alexandria Virginia Circuit Court refusing defendant's right to transcribe open court proceedings to make a record for appeal. And by imposing $50,000 worth of draconian fraudulently obtained judgments in favor of corrupted attorneys. The good old boys network at work in our courts.
627 Alexandria Virginia Circuit Court judge Clark and others subvert the law. To threaten and intimidate a victim and witness which court testimony recorded on transcript by court reporter as JW Grenadier outlines instances of judicial corruption, obstruction of justice and most disturbing how the court instructed through agents Alona Grenadier who allegedly hired a hitman to threaten and intimidate this victim of ongoing court fraud and abuse. See related programs. 538 ,1,2,3 549-A, 570-G, 590, 591, 670 and 613. and attached affidavit of witness.Judge Clark is now threatened victim with jail time to cover up the crimes of his court insiders

part 2
Victim Lori Saxon visits DC Superior Court July 9, 2014 only to find conspiracy against legal and civil rights continues. Court dockets and docket filings in corrected not in conformity with the law. Court transcripts received from sham foreclosure proceeding riddled with deletions and inconsistent unexplained unfinished sentences and court will not allow victims to hear audio tape which is a fundamental right of due process. Economic terrorism continues against victims Lori Saxon and minor child. Property George McDermott to file complaint with the DC Inspector General's Office and court Officers copies attached. 1   2   3 Watch
627 Maryland’s corrupt judicial system added again denying justice to a victim who was sentenced illegally to a mental institution over nine years ago after public defender prosecutor and judge conspired to falsely imprison this gentleman all of whom have been sanctioned for their criminal misconduct but still hold office. To add insult to injury original charges were dismissed in April 2014 but the judge remanded him back to custody at the Perkins mental institution where he may be murdered to silence him.
626 Lori Saxon follow-up the corrupt courts in DC are trying to steal her home, the courts of appeals refused to act in conformity with the rules husband is conspiring with court insiders to of a child support. As the New Jersey courts allow criminal activity to continue against Lori and her daughter.
625 Administrative offices of the United States Court still promoting judicial terrorism by refusing to produce authenticity of change in the Constitution authorizing judges to issue sham unsigned orders disenfranchising our citizens of their legal rights and liberties properties and in some cases their lives. Contact your Congressman and demand a grand jury investigation.
624 Follow-up to the US Supreme Court. Discussion at New York city University Washington DC. Supreme Court of the United States out of control. Not acting in conformity with the Constitution and rule of law.
623   Watch
622 REPORT from Court of Appealseport for New Jersey.Lori gives her oral arguments, meets with New Jersey Atty. Gen. to file criminal complaint. The court docket is all screwed up and appellate judges refused to allow reporter George McDermott to intervene even though court docket as of the morning of the proceedings showed reported to be a party of interest. Irregularities reported to the governor of New Jersey asking for criminal investigation. Regarding denial of legal rights and access to the courts.
621 District of Columbia Atty. Gen. who manages 400 people meeting with victim of foreclosure fraud. Stating that his office has no jurisdiction to investigate yet his office has jurisdiction and authority to allegedly modify the law in favor of predatory lenders.
620 Victim Lori Saxon put forth a affirmative defense against the sham new foreclosure rules in the District of Columbia drafted by the attorney general and court benefit corporate banks and predatory lenders. Strong evidence suggests the court has altered the transcript of matter that needs to be turned over to the FBI for a GRAND JURY Investigation regarding fraud on the court by lending institutions attorneys for the predatory lenders.
619 National advocacy group protested front of the Cameroon Embassy Washington DC against the illegal incarceration of political prisoners/patriots falsely accused by dictator governments and their agents.
618 United States Supreme Court covering up frauds on the court by lower judges such as Jeanette Clark. By issuing unsigned orders and failing to be completely transparent as the Constitution requires. Also judges of this court routinely commit mail fraud by sending out unsigned orders to disenfranchise citizens of their rights and liberties and property under color of law.
617 April 16, 2014 court continues its pattern of obstruction of justice to cover-up for judge Jeanette Clark's and judge Tom Smith's ongoing fraud on the court to protect predatory lenders and their attorneys.
616 It will never stop the corruption in this court is out of control the FBI and Justice Department need to shut it down and put judge Jeanette Clark and her associates in jail for denial of access to the rights granted citizens under the Constitution to our courts of law. And conspiracy to defraud the government out of taxable income from predatory lenders.
615 Prince George's County MD Circuit Court,judge Jeanette Clark falsifying court records coming up for criminal misconduct promoting yet further frauds on the court. Allowing secret pleadings and manipulation of the court docket to cover up her criminal misconduct and joint conspiracy with predatory lenders and their foreclosure agents acting under color of law and authority
614 Prince George's County MD Circuit Court,judge Jeanette Clark covering up for the criminal misconduct of judge Thomas Smith his co-conspirators in the Friedman and MacFayden law firm, the Fisher Law Group, The Atlantic law Group. all promoting fraud on the court as judge Jeanette Clark and other justices in the court look the other way.
613 The Victim's Roundtable Prince William County Virginia trial. Where victim Janice Wolk Grenadier puts on a defense against Ilona Hackman. Before judge Mary Grace O'Brien. Who once again was suede by the false statements of plaintiffs attorney, however transcript will show evidence was presented to the court in verifiable form that a fraud had been committed on the court and the defendant. JW Grenadier and other family members,,30 minute video Watch
611 Judge Amy Janel Bradner in Charles County Circuit Court hears false statements on a regular basis in her court by lawyers, especially for Centex builders and the town of Indianhead, Maryland. And denies pro se litigants their day in court to defend against the fraudulent taking of their properties. Through litigation abuse by corporate lawyers. Pictures speak 1000 words judge brightener, you see the photos you would not allow to be presented in open court. You would not accept property in this condition. Why should victims.50 minute video
610 Short introductory video on , especially if their Asian American minorities or women. In direct violation of their oath of office, and title 15 USC 1692. The truth in lending act.
609 Prince George's County, Maryland, assisting a victim of the court system who was being discriminated against and treated unfairly because she's an African-American woman/lawyer who refuses to go along with the corruption in the courts. once again the court explained the same old dirty tricks un edited you be the judge.
608 NYU Washington DC host panel discussion on lack of transparency in the United States Supreme Court, addressing such issues as secrecy of the court, secrecy of the judges, suppression of the press rights to proceedings, and the lack of courts adherence to the Constitution. Part 1 of a 5 -part series. which validates Maryland court watch news news video history, which can be seen on programs 361,365,362, 385, 407,497, 498, plus numerous other programs validating lack of transparency of the court. Watch
607 Reporting campaign fraud to the Federal election commission.involving Democratic presidential hopeful 2016 Laura lax Miller for computer hacking, falsification of documents. allegedCampaign-finance fraud. and her campaign workers posting false documents on the Internet about candidate George McDermott's Republican 2014 Congressional Campaign Maryland's 4th congressional district. Watch
606 March 18, 2014 Severna Park women's Republican club 2014 candidates for Maryland's fourth congressional district make appearances. Seeking club members support and assistance. In 2014. Campaign. Watch
605 Maryland court watch news presenting testimony and written report as to why Maryland house bill 53 should be passed preserving citizens rights to public documents which court insiders refuse to produce on a regular basis in violation with their oath of office and the Maryland code.fifth appearance in Annapolis giveing testimony for protection of citizens rights. Watch
604 Maryland court watch news perfecting the record as supporting legislation for victims rights at the Maryland Senate hearings along with Incorporated written testimony. As to why legislation should be enacted in the best interest of Maryland residents. Watch
603 District of Columbia Court of Appeals Rocket docket consolidating seven appeals involving victim Lori Saxon from judge Clark's Superior Court, and allowing her attorney to only speak for 7 1/2 minutes. Depriving her of due process. In a case that has in excess of 20,000 pages filed with the court. Watch
602 Maryland court watch reporting on Maryland House legislation.canceled hearings for foreclosure fraud legislation necessary to save Maryland homeowners who are victims of predatory lenders and corrupt lawyers such as the Atlantic Law Group,,Friedman and MacFayden.and Shapiro in Burson. All using forged documents. And false affidavits to steal victims homes Watch
601 Prince George's County Circuit Court judges being scammed once again by lawyers from the Atlantic Law Group the new predatory corrupt,foreclosure law firm in Washington DC region allegedly connected to and part of the Saperstein crime syndicate out of Baltimore, suing BB&T Bank for not finalizing sham foreclosures in 2010 which were obtained under color of law by Freeman and MacFaydenand the M&T Bank Group,as forensic audits proof forged ILLEGAL Documents were used by BANKS. Watch
600 George McDermott makes an official by registering campaign finance comm. Four 2014 campaign for U.S. Congress. Running as a Republican candidate for Maryland’s fourth congressional district. On a platform of judicial accountability and legislative accountability to the citizens of these United States, who are their employers. Not victims to be abused by the court. Watch
599 Making the record outside of office of Government information services and national archives offices 800 North Capitol St. Washington DC. No one seems to be able to find constitutional amendment regarding unsigned orders. Watch
598 Baltimore, Maryland. Follow up to official FOIA request to the Baltimore city Sheriff’s Department regarding noncompliance with earlier FOIA request. Of November 2013 Sheriff’s agents would not take request or docketed into the record everything must be certified registered mail. WHY ???? Watch
597 Friday, January 31, 2014 . Leaving offices of government information services, actor requesting assistance in finding constitutional amendment allowing judges to issue unsigned orders, and alleged digital signature court order by a federal court judge September 9, 2009. Watch
596 News Museum. Says it all . Congress shall pass no laws that a breach the rights and liberties of our citizens. Then how come judges and clerks of the court. Keep issuing unsigned orders in violation of the Constitution and rule of law. Watch
595 Third. Trip to national archives to retrieve copy of the first judicially signed court order. No success, archives can still not produce constitutional amendment allowing judges to issue unsigned orders in violation of the 2000 e- sign act in 2000 paper reduction act. Fraud goes on and on and on Watch
594 US Court of Appeals and US District Court Washington DC refused to produce signed judicial orders. Refuse to produce judicial oath of offices as required under 5 USC 2902-06, in violation of the code of professional conduct and standard of professional responsibility, Watch
593 Maryland court of special deals for gangsters still refuses to produce signed orders from judges. Senior court clerks obstructing justice by secret eating case files from the public and refusing to authenticate the courts sham unsigned orders. Watch
591 US District Court Washington DC. Court clerks impose harsh standards on pro se litigants, and victims of judicial abuse. By asserting economic terrorism against those who file complaints against public officials and those in the public eye committing fraud on our citizens. Watch
590 In US District Court Washington DC Filing complaint against Maggie CATS & democratic alleged candidate for US president 2014 Laura lax Miller. For hate crimes, conspiracy, computer hacking and false statements. Watch
589 Second visit to the Maryland bar Council and commission on judicial disabilities regarding the reporting of fraud on the court by the judge and three law firms plus, there respective agents, all belonging to the American Bar Association. Taking advantage of the Asian American victim. Watch
588 MDCAN conference representative attempting to speak at the House Judiciary Committee in Annapolis. But was restricted from speaking because of an alleged time cut off for speakers even though numerous other speaker spoke who had not registered. On House Bill 151 bargaining powers of court over juveniles for the benefit of court insiders. Watch
587 MDCAN conference-4 Maryland court watch news the victims Roundtable booth and purpose to educate the public on corruption within our nation’s judicial system. Watch
586 MDCAN conference-3 conference attendees schooled on the rules for radicals those who wish to reestablish the Constitution and rule of law in the state of Maryland and the United States. Or judges don’t want to sign orders and engage in treason against the Constitution. Watch
585b MDCAN conference George McDermott candidate for U.S. Congress, Maryland’s 4 th congressional district. Speaking on sleaze in Maryland government, politics. Fraud and corruption within Maryland courts. Using unsigned orders to defraud our citizens of their rights and liberties. Watch
585a MDCAN conference - six-member panel discusses sleaze in government consisting of local media representatives, radio and press representatives. Republican candidate for Lieut. Gov., Maryland 2014. Speak on uncontrolled corruption in Maryland politics Watch
584 MDCAN conference Annapolis, Maryland 2014 interviews with victims of judicial abuse and fraud by court officers issuing unsigned orders and restricting access to our courts of justice to cover-up judicial terrorism Watch
582 Crownsville, Maryland filing complaints of judicial misconduct and attorney grievances against judges in Charles County Maryland for suppression of evidence. And fraud on the court. January 2, 2014 Watch
581 US Court of Appeals Washington DC refuses to issue judicial oath of office upon request, refuses to produce signed judicial orders, refuses to produce order from Judge to clerk to issue unsigned orders. January 2, 2014 Watch
580 US Superior Court Washington DC. Lori Saxon victim of multistate criminal conspiracy involving money laundering, probate fraud, extortion, and child endangerment December 11, 2013 Watch
579 Virginia gets ready for a new governor current governor under investigation for fraud by the US Justice Department. Once again, courts will use of unsigned orders to vindicate ex-governor. December 3, 2013 Watch
578 Supreme Court of Virginia closed-door proceedings. Court will not produce signed orders. Affecting the rights and liberties of Virginia citizens and closed oral arguments. Promoting fraud on the Virginia citizens. December 3, 2013 Watch
577 Ashley US District Court & Court of Appeals challenging sham unsigned orders December 27, 2013. Court of appeals orders fraudulent Watch
576C is actually cries of small children. Which was independently produced by someone else and is on YouTube, etc. anyway you can put a link to that with just a picture. Give me call if you can you get this message
576B November 27, 2013 visit to District of Columbia Mayor's office to deliver 19 page request to the mayor seeking information as to why his office and over a year has failed to respond to request of the international community, the German Government, and attorneys for minor child in the District of Columbia being denied life-saving medicine that is recommended by caregivers around the world is the only way to save her life.

576A A call for help to save the life of a minor child. area, Ariana-Leilani M. A. King-Pfeiffer, part 1 of affidavit of personal knowledge from mother. As her life is been threatened and she believes that , as does the world medical community. That her daughter will most certainly die and not given access to life-saving medicines. Numerous world renowned doctors and medical professionals have recommended. Full video affidavit is to be put on CD and copied to the US Justice Department, and the FBI seeking relief under 18 USC 1512 and 1513. Ariana-Leilani M. A. King-Pfeiffer affidavit is supported by. Victims rights advocates around the world who are on record. demanding action to save this child's life.

575 Promotional video on Meet the Man Making George Washington come alive upcoming free seminars and educational series on the life works of George Washington, featuring James Renwick Manship reinventing George Washington and educating those of us in the 21st century as to the importance of the experience to our Constitution and our Republican form of government. Made possible by the sacrifices of General Washington.and other Founding Fathers

574 live report from the Towson Md.Circuit Court and from Baltimore city circuit court building regarding ongoing criminal activities by the Saperstein crime syndicate and the reporting to the Baltimore Sheriff's office, that Gilbert Saperstein is an escaped FUGITIVE/FELON the who was never put into the court system or incarcerated according to the head of the Maryland parole and probation Department responding to Md.public information request.

573 Update for Maryland court of appeals, November 5, 2013, trying to get copy of the audio of rules amendments to provisional proceedings under Md. rule 4 – 216. Discussed on November 4, 2013 in a special called meeting affecting according to the appellate judges.affecting the rights of all hundred and 75,000, Maryland residents a year. Whose rights may be violated by the court, not following rules. And for some reason the court now requires reporter George McDermott to have a police escort. Upon entering the court of appeals building. But will not explain why or produce the signed order to that effect. Suppression of the press and First Amendment rights of the people a clear and present danger to our system of justice.

570K Events of September 26 and 27th 2013 regarding corruption in the Arlington County Circuit Court, which goes unabated. Requiring the filing for emergency emergency relief in the United States Court of Appeals Washington DC case number 13-7144by way of a writ of prohibition against Arlington County agent Judge Daniel Flore II.who is covering up fraud on the court by a Arlington County Agents and their subcontractors. in an ongoing kidnapping scheme of minor children, and false imprisonment of their family members who stand up for their rights. See how it works programs 570-A through 570-K

570J Daily wrap up of news on Arlington Va.'s courts malicious persecution of grandmother of kidnapped minor child, court denies right to a trial by jury of alleged, defendant, court denies defendant all right to discovery from Commonwealth's agents. Court denies request for Commonwealth to identify subpoenaed witnesses in support of their false claims. Court threatens and intimidates defendant's counsel.
court allows and encourages Sheriff's Department senior staff and members show of excessive force in court room, having nine deputies to threaten and intimidate. Defendant and other witnesses present. Court imposes unlawful gag order on alleged misdemeanor defendants witnesses, and her counsel. Restricting defendant from talking to anyone about minor child's kidnapping and false imprisonment by court insiders. And or minor child's vicious assault December 7 2011 by Sheriff's deputies caption on courthouse video..see programs. This site
383 aftermath of the assault.383A-D. + 424 minor child's video deposition of abuse, neglect and torture by court agents

570I Events of September 19, 2013 regarding Arlington County, Virginia's latest attempts to torture the family of Dolores O'Brien, Heffernan. Day started out filing emergency TRO US Court of Appeals Washington DC, filing copies to the Arlington County Circuit Court, which had not posted previous filings as required by law. Filing praecipe with court to hear previous filings purposely withheld from the court by court insiders. Delivery of copies to kidnapper's of minor child, returning to US Court of Appeals, DC.
Winding back up at Arlington County Circuit Court 10 D where nine sheriffs deputies were seen by witnesses intimidating allege defendant
and others who were there to witness the proceedings.also visit to the US attorney's office, who has known about this for over three years and done absolutely nothing. To prevent the false imprisonment of minor child, horrendous beating. Refusal of medical care. And denial of all human rights accorded under the Geneva Convention..

570H Reporters update September 18, 2013, unscheduled emergency hearing to revoke the bond of victim of judicial abuse syndrome, and Arlington County court room 10 D judge. Accepts full statement from Commonwealth's attorney, County attorney, and social services. Subcontractor attorney. Regarding suppression of evidence hearing and false claims that Dolores O'Brien, Heffernan should have a bond revoked and put in prison. Based on false allegations of alleged violation of no contact order of the court. This reporter was called to the stand, put under oath, regarding United States District Court case Washington DC 13-1369-UNA filings asking for an emergency injunction and restraining order against the criminal misconduct of Arlington County court system. And the Arlington County Commonwealth's attorneys office who refuses to protect the rights and liberties of minor children as required under her employment contract. Transcript of reporters testimony to be posted later. With next program.

570G Arlington Va. now engaged in grand jury tampering and refusal of access to media to what the Supreme Court of Virginia requires to be opening ceremonies and swearing in of potential GRAND JURIES, and suppression of citizens right to access the grand jury to report on judicial and political corruption within the County by concerned citizens seeking to have a special grand jury investigate allegations. Of abuse of process, falsification of evidence, falsification of court docket and the illegal removal of motion papers, and other documents filed and date stamped into the record by court insiders without a proper court order or public hearing suppressing evidence.reporters update September 16, 2013

570F Events of September 12 2013, gangster court. In Arlington, Virginia and the Commonwealth's attorney, along with the kidnappers of Ashley Mae O'Brien now want to seal the alleged court criminal case and specifically seal all files and documents filed by this reporter George McDermott. Who found it necessary to file a action in the United States Court of Appeals Washington DC on December 11, 2013 for a petition for writ of Memphis to protect the child and Dolores O'Brien as material witnesses in a federal whistleblower's action against Arlington County agents and subcontractors ripping off DHHS and misuse of government funds to further destroy the families in Arlington County, Virginia to feed the money chain associated with stealing children from families. To promote foster care abuse and torture of the children as well as their family members who attempt to resist this criminal activity. additionally, inhibiting Dolores from acting as a volunteer on the SARVAIS for Gov. campaign in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As a libertarian alternative . To the to discredited popular candidates who already shown their disdain for the rule of law and the rights and welfare of the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia the existing Atty. Gen. of Virginia promotes child stealing an d trafficking by judges.

570E September 10, 2013. Investigative reporting, recording, Dolores O'Briens, false imprisonment by Arlington County court insiders visit to the clerk's office finds, no charging documents, no hearing scheduled for September 9th. No grand jury indictment. Total pages of information regarding this case consists of nine pages all other information has been erased or is hidden. Delivery of motion papers to criminal attorneys. And finally receiving order from US District Court Washington DC granting IFP status but denying protective custody for minor child and other victims. Which will be taken on appeal.

570D Dolores was locked up in court room. 10 C Arlington County courthouse where she was being brought before the court without proper notice, her case was not on the docket for today, and judge Fiori abandon his judicial oath of office and principles allowing the Commonwealth's attorney and County attorney's to proper, false, misleading, and basically fraudulent pleadings by the Commonwealth's attorneys involved. Dolores was taken into custody. Before an eyewitness who clearly states that. The fourth amendment. No one shall be incarcerated West out a warrant or indictment. Especially when hearsay evidence is all the court hears.
570C September 9, 9:17 AM, notifying the court that a federal claim has been filed an emergency injunction against temporary restraining order requested to prevent the court from framing up and falsely imprisoning Dolores O'Brien based on false allegations by the Commonwealth attorney, the county attorneys acting under color of law,forcing this reporter to file for relief under the US standard code for private attorney general and. Court records will show that all Commonwealth attorneys were notified prior to the proceedings before 9:30 AM, September 9, 2013. As required by law, Dolores was last seen in the hallway with her attorney

570A United States District Court Ashley’s Grandmother/legal guardian. Joints George McDermott in filing a federal lawsuit seeking the immediate release of Ashley Mae O’Brien, and the immediate having her put into FBI protection live report outside of courthouse. With Chaplin James Manship. Who assisted Deloras O’Brien, Heffernan in joining in. In the case. Prayers for the immediate release of Ashley and others wrongfully held by Arlington County Virginia’s courts of injustice.

569C most recent example of mail fraud and obstruction of justice by the Montgomery County Maryland Circuit Court’s clerks office. Returning documents meant for judges Melissa Bernard and judge J Jordan covering up for the criminal misconduct of the court officers against their oath of office committing treason against the Constitution and rule of law.

569B latest events in guard regarding kidnapping of children in Arlington County, Virginia. And how the court covers up for fraud in government contracts, falsification of government documents to promote fraud, kidnapping, torture and other unthinkable acts by its agents and assigns.

569A September 4, 2013 road trip to Annapolis Maryland to report on victims. Michelle Davy subject of a trumped up disbarment action being heard in the Court of Appeals. Reporter was present as oral arguments were taking place. Michelle Her cool presented the case and has her fate in the Lord Jesus Christ that he will deliver her from this evil. Rabbi John Noonan participates in interview a Christian message for everyone. Keep the faith.

569 Deals with events of August 4, 2013 involving the criminal kidnapping and false imprisonment of Ashley Mae O'Brien by Arlington County judges, lawyers, Commonwealth's attorney, and CPS agents all working in concert one with another. To violate the legal and civil rights of this minor child to torture torment and destroy her family for exposing. The criminal misconduct of County agents in the assault and teasing of this minor child inside the courthouse December 7, 2013. [Att 1] and the bilking of the United States treasury and Department of human resources grant programs by CPS agents lining their own pockets with the help of the above-named parties. Upcoming story shows how the judge on September 5, 2013 continues to cover-up by denying a jury trial to a alleged criminal defendant. And has ordered this defendant to return to court Monday morning on. September 10 with her lawyer to explain why she should not go to jail because the court has committed fraud, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy to deprive her of her civil rights and liberties.

568 Notifying the court of the death of bill Gottlieb and trying to make arrangements for a memorial service to be held at the Court of Appeals building September 4, 2013. Which unfortunately was not allowed to happen because having a group of 12 or more people standing on the sidewalk constitutes a protest and the facilities management for the capital statehouse. Stated, we would need a special permit. To be in compliance with the rules, but suggested that we move the Memorial service to the Thurgood Marshall Memorial Park in front of the capital at a later date and apply for such a permit. See the efforts we went through to try to honor Bill. But even in death, the courts dishonor this victims rights. By the ridiculous opinions and unconstitutional rulings issued by judge Melissa Bernard. basically saying that the court agreed that forged documents, altered trust notes, and false affidavits are perfectly okay with the court as long as a lawyer puts them in the record.